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The essence of the job itself is much more than simply blogging. My daily grind consists of networking, writing, photography, promoting, editing, the list goes on.

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Teen dating   establishing guidelines   fb article
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Teen Dating : Establishing Guidelines For Everyone

Establishing guidelines for everyone was important to Colby and I, and Chey was open to helping us set forth a practical list of rules for teen dating.

Lessons learned after 20 years of marriage article
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20 Years of Marriage Have Taught Us a Lesson or Two

There is some crazy amount of time and effort you must put into a marriage in order to make it happen.

Lessons learned from building a house   fb article
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Lessons Learned From Building a House

I grew up around woodworking and know a thing or two about it. This made me apprehensive about building a home, but we decided to do so anyways.

How to name your blog   fb article
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How to Name Your Blog :: Domain.ME

I wish someone had told me the importance of a good blog name as well as how to name your blog. When it was time to for me to move to WordPress, I decided it was also time to find a better name.

Builder upgrades worth the money   fb article
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Builder Upgrades Worth the Money

When you decide to build, one of the greatest parts is the ability to create a house to fit you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Chucking corn   philip foster farm article
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Our Top 5 Favorite Things to Do in Oregon's Mt Hood Territory

From the End of the Oregon Trail to the world famous Timberline Lodge, there was plenty to see and do in Mt. Hood Territory.

Real men clean   fb article
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Real Men Clean :: Hero Clean

There is often this misconception that men don’t clean. In fact, I often hear women complain about their husbands and how messy they are.

Sensory seeking on springfree article

Sensory Seeking Benefits of Springfree Trampoline | Springfree ...

Our research led us to discover the sensory seeking benefits of Springfree Trampoline.

No nonsense parenting tip   lead by example   fb article
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No Nonsense Parenting Tip : Lead By Example

Have you ever opened your mouth and heard your mother coming out? It typically happens when you’re lecturing one of your children because of something they’ve done.

Finding sunshine in the spirit of childhood   fb article
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Finding Sunshine in the Journey of Parenthood

Even with an ambiance of gloom and darkness that can be found on rainy days at home, there is still sunshine found in the journey of parenthood.

Life lessons learned dad 2.017   fb article
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What I Learned Spending 4 Days with Dads at Dad 2 Summit

Each year as Colby and I plan our conference schedule, there is one we both know we do not want to miss: Dad 2.0 Summit. As a tomboy, there is no other conference where I have felt more comfortable.

 tagyourhalf at t article

Could Not Thinking About Smartphone Distracted Driving Help ...

No one seems to push our buttons more than the people closest to us. They can drive us mad while, at the same time, keep us sane.

To the boy marrying my baby girl   fb article
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To the Boy Marrying My Baby Girl

Our oldest daughter gets married in two months. Two months, Y’all! Part of me is ready to get it done and over, whereas another part of my heart sinks to think about it.

Me and chey article
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To My 17 Year Old Self : To My Daughter

Oh how far you have come. Almost an adult in the eyes of the world, but always a baby in my mind. No matter how tall you get, how grown up you look, or how smart you become… you will forever be my baby.

Dating2001 article
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God is Still Writing Our Love Story

I began dating my husband again that day. It wasn’t easy. We had to get to know each other again. The new person we had each become. Some good. Some bad. But, we were dedicated and we had a plan: Christ. Communication. Compromise. These three simple truths still carry us today.